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Hearing Services

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Hearing Diagnostics for All Ages


Hearing loss can occur at any age.  At Rocket Hearing & Balance, we have the technology and expertise to test the young and the young at heart.


In children, the effects of undiagnosed hearing loss can be detrimental to educational achievement.  In older adults, undiagnosed hearing loss can lead to slow career development, social isolation, and depression.

People with hearing loss also face an increased risk of falls, which can result in bodily injury, head injury, or untimely death.

Typically, hearing loss occurs gradually over a long period of time.  As hearing loss increases, it can become increasingly difficult to hear in more demanding environments.  Sharing a meal with friends and family at a restaurant can become tiring.  Communicating with others over the phone can become frustrating.  If you find that talking to other people has become challenging, it may be time to have your hearing tested.

Hearing Diagnostics

Solutions for Hearing Loss


Depending on the type and degree of hearing loss diagnosed, there are several different options for treating hearing loss including hearing aids and cochlear implantation.  Hearing aids are used for losses ranging from mild to profound.  Cochlear implantation is a surgical procedure for individuals with very profound hearing loss and extreme difficulty with communication.


Hearing aids come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and technology levels.  At Rocket Hearing & Balance, hearing aids are recommended based on your specific hearing loss, communication difficulties, and lifestyle. 


There are also accessories for hearing aid users and cochlear implant recipients that allow for more access to sound in specific situations, such as watching television, attending a conference, or listening to music.

Rocket Hearing & Balance provides clinical expertise and caring support to you on your journey to better hearing.

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Hearing Aid Care


At Rocket Hearing & Balance, we believe that hearing aids are an important investment in your future happiness and independence.  We offer hearing service appointments and specialized accessories to assist you in keeping your hearing aids performing as best as possible for as long as possible.

ESCO hearing aid insurance

We also offer hearing aid insurance through ESCO.  They are happy to work with you to extend the loss, damage, and repair coverage on your hearing aids after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

HA Care

Cochlear Implant Care


Rocket Hearing & Balance added cochlear implant services at the end of 2020 to provide support for local cochlear implant recipients.  From candidacy considerations to routine programming appointments, we are here to guide you on your lifelong commitment with improved hearing and communication.

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CI Services
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Hearing Protection


As part of our Mobile Services portfolio, Rocket Hearing & Balance can provide on-site annual hearing testing and hearing conservation services.

Taking steps to prevent hearing damage is very important.  In addition to providing, we offer a selection of custom hearing protection devices to individuals who work in industries with loud noise or who enjoy activities with loud noise.

If you spend your time contributing to any of the following industries, you should consider annual hearing evaluation as well as custom hearing protection:

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Trucking

  • Automotive

  • Entertainment

  • Public services

Hearing Protection

Cerumen Management


For some patients, a temporary hearing loss may occur due to build up of earwax.  Treatment is as easy as removing the blockage from the ear canal using a warm water flush and/or manual tools.

At Rocket Hearing & Balance, we keep our patients "ahead of the curve" when it comes to earwax by scheduling regular ear check appointments for patients with a history of blockage.

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